Our Mission

At Menard Chiropractic Health Center we truly work hard at fostering a healing community for our patients. We love working closely with our patients to not only get them out of pain but also to both meet and exceed their health goals.

Our Doctor

Dr. Larry Goodstein

Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Larry Goodstein received a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Brooklyn College, a Bachelor of Arts from Adelphi University, a Master's degree in public health from New York University and his Doctorate of Chiropractic Care from New York Chiropractic College. Dr. Goodstein spent a year volunteering his time and skill as a chiropractor at "ground zero" at the World Trade Center treating thousands of rescue personnel.

Soft Tissue and Spinal Adjusting Techniques
Nutritional Counseling

Our Staff

Jessica Menard

Outreach Team Director

Jessica has been in the healthcare field for 16 years. She worked as a CNA for several years before becoming a case manager and attending Brockton Hospital School of Nursing. She became passionate about chiropractic when it ended her suffering with piriformis syndrome.
Chiropractic has become her passion, she believes each and every one of our patients has a different need or story.

Maria Peralta-Chavez

Chiropractic Assistant/Assistant Office Manager

Maria is a CA, billing and coding specialist and translator. She graduated from the Salter School in 2011. She has always had an interest in health and wellness. Maria is bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English. You will feel right at home with her warm personality and hospitable nature.
Her enthusiasm and energy brings a welcoming feel when she helps you to schedule your appointments and to answer any questions you may have.

Velgica Aleman

Outreach Manager

As the outreach manager, Velgica helps to educate potential patients about their injuries and their rights as injured drivers. When patients come into the center, she ensures that their problems will be addressed promptly and accordingly. Velgica can also assist any new Spanish-speaking patients in their native language.