Improve Your Lifestyle by Adopting Healthier Habits

Find nutritional counseling in New Bedford or Fall River, MA

Maintaining a balanced diet can be difficult. Visit Menard Chiropractic Health Center, Inc. to learn practical ways to eat healthier. We use ORIG3N DNA tests to learn your medical history and to determine which foods will best benefit you. Once you discuss your options with Dr. Goodstein, you’ll:

  • Know what foods to avoid
  • Reach your ideal weight quicker
  • Discover the cause of your chronic symptoms
  • Improve your sleep cycle, appearance and mood

Make the decision to eat and live healthier today. Call us now to schedule a nutritional counseling consultation in Fall River or New Bedford, Massachusetts.

We’ll help you maintain a healthy weight

Menard Chiropractic Health Center offers weight loss programs in Fall River and New Bedford, Massachusetts. We’ll discuss your goals and create a manageable plan for you to achieve them. You’ll enjoy a healthier, more active lifestyle once you’ve enrolled in our program.

Contact us today to learn more about our weight loss program in New Bedford or Fall River, Massachusetts.